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3D Gallery
Eco Art
Pacific Northwest Artist Specializes in Textile Art


This Gallery showcases a selection of Gay Jensen’s art combining cloth and paint.


Coexistence by Gay Jensen


16"W x 20"H


Savoring the Moment by Gay Jensen

"Savoring the Moment"

15"W x 30"H


Above It All by Gay Jensen

"Above It All

15"W x 30"H


Daily Blessing by Gay Jensen

"Daily Blessing" 

12"W x 24"H


Heron and Kingfisher by Gay Jensen

"Heron and Kingfisher" 

20"W x 43.5"H


Marshland by Gay Jensen


10"W x 30"H


"Waltzing Away" 

11"W x 30"H



12"W x 12"H


"Mysterious Light"

12"W x 24"H

"Never Enough" 

12"W x 12"H


Standing Tall #1 by Gay Jensen

"Standing Tall #1" 

10"W x 30"H


"Transformative Encounters" 

24"W x 37"H



12"W x 12"H


"Another Realm" 

8"W x 24"H


"Field of Vision" 

16"W x 20"H


"In the Stillness"

8"W x 24"H


Natural Elements by Gay Jensen

"Natural Elements" 

12"W x 12"H


"Graceful Duet" 

24"W x 46"H



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